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Persbericht 31 oktober 2023

Oproep bijwonen BAVA Ease2Pay NV 13 december 2023 Agenda en toelichting BAVA Ease2Pay NV 13 december 2023 Stemformulier BAVA Ease2pay NV 13 …

Persbericht 26 oktober 2023 publicatie jaarrekening 2022

Persbericht 29 september 2023: Halfjaarcijfers 2023 en balans P&L 2022 Ease2pay N.V halfjaarcijfers 2023 Ease2pay Balans P&L 2022

Persbericht 4 juli 2023.pdf

Persbericht 29 juni 2023.pdf Presentatie Ease2pay N.V. AVA 29 juni 2023.pdf

Notice of AvA to be held on June 29, 2023 Agenda and notes AvA to be held on June 29

Ease2pay announces retirement of directors E.M. Noomen andM.L. HektorMs. E.M. Noomen and M.L. Hektor are stepping down as directors today due to a difference of opinion on the policy to be pursued ...

Download the semi-annual figures document here ...