Energy as self service

About Ease2pay N.V.

We offer an intelligent activation and payment platform. With it, operators of gas stations, charging stations, parking garages, ports, markets, truck and camper parks create self-service options for users. You control everything in one convenient app: Book, Stay, Use & Pay.

Investing in Ease2pay N.V.

Book, Stay, Use & Pay

We offer a smart IoT platform. Users can easily and quickly control different services in one app; from activation to payment.

Energy as self service

Society is in a transition from using fossil fuels to renewable energy. Gas stations can serve hundreds of users per day, while charging stations can be used on a much smaller scale. To make charging stations profitable, consumers must be able to activate and pay for them themselves. We provide this selfservice.

Strong position in niche markets

Our services are used at gas stations, parking lots, garages, truck and RV sites, markets and ports.

Solution to scarcity

Scarcity in the labor market is causing staff shortages. Therefore, it is crucial that consumers can use facilities through self-service solutions. Ease2pay N.V. is responding to this with 9 labels focusing on the transportation and transport sector.

Our labels

Ease2pay On the Go

Easy parking and fueling through one app. No lines, no tokens, no hassle.

Ease2pay AanUit

This app is integrated with the infrastructure of numerous marinas and camper parks throughout the Netherlands, allowing passersby to easily arrange lodging, power and water for their boat or camper online. 

Ease2pay Marktstroom

The app that allows market vendors at Dutch markets to purchase and pay for electricity. 

Ease2pay Walstroom

The app that allows boaters in Dutch and German ports to purchase and pay for shore power.

Ease2pay NomadPower

The app that electrically cools trucks in an environmentally friendly way.

Ease2pay YoreON

This app is integrated with the infrastructure of numerous RV parks throughout Europe making it easy for RVers to arrange their pitch, electricity and water.



For online activation and payment for laundry, in partnership with Miele.


Ease2pay Book & Park

To reserve a parking spot online.

Elegant businesswoman locking her car with keys in underground parking.

Ease2pay Prettig Parkeren

For current parking information. 

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